What Non-Laboratory Staff Need to Know

There are a variety of hazards in laboratories. Even though you do not normally work in a laboratory, if your work takes you into laboratories, you contribute to creating and maintaining a safe work environment at Illinois.

Your Responsibilities

Non-laboratory staff have the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Be familiar with campus safety policies and campus programs to address potential hazards
  • Report hazardous conditions to supervisors.
  • Actively follow all safety procedures.
  • Note hazard warning signs and understand what safety precautions are required.


The State of Illinois, University policy, or federal regulations dictate the following requirements for non-laboratory workers:

  1. If you use hazardous chemicals, you must have live Hazard Communication (Right-To-Know) training. Your supervisor is responsible for ensuring you have this training. This training is required annually.
  2. If you work or have contact with human blood or biological materials of human origin, you must take the blood borne pathogens course. The initial course is live and provided by your unit trainer; annual refresher training is required and may be either live or online.
  3. If your work takes you to an area with radioactive materials, you must take Radiation Safety Awareness training.

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Last Update: 6/19/2018