Laboratory Safety Plan Overview

Every laboratory group on the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign campus is required to have a Laboratory Safety Plan, which must be accessible to all laboratory personnel.

The plan is composed of information relevant to the laboratory's specific hazards and exposure control measures and is used as a training resources and safety reference for laboratory personnel. Development and implementation of a Laboratory Safety Plan will fulfill each laboratory's requirement for a Chemical Hygiene Plan as specified in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulation 29CFR 1910.1450 (OSHA Lab Standard).

Required Safety Plan Elements

Every laboratory is required to implement the following four elements (click links for additional details):

  1. Safety Management Procedures
    This includes designating laboratory safety contacts, creating and maintaining a hazard profile, performing an annual review and updates, and general laboratory safety audits.  
  2. Laboratory Safety Guide
    The Laboratory Safety Guide provides baseline safety information and expectations for general laboratory practices on campus.                                                                                                         If working at Biosafety Level 2 (BL2), add the  BL2 Guide
  3. Standard Operating Procedures
    Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) cover all hazardous materials, processes, and equipment in the laboratory.
  4. Safety Training Checklist
    Every laboratory is required to complete a Safety Training Checklist that is centered on the laboratory's SOPs and safety policies, as well as basic safety information provided in the Laboratory Safety Guide and DRS-provided training and guidance documents.

Last Update: 7/12/2018