Collecting and Preparing Chemical Waste

Guide to Waste Management Decisions

Waste Collection in the Laboratory

Master List of Waste Chemicals, Mixtures, Gases and Items

When is Sink Disposal Allowed?

Pollution Prevention in the Laboratory

Chem Trak Waste Management Forms:

            CWM TRK 01 (Chemicals and mixtures with a UI#)  PDF DOC

            CWM TRK 02 (Chemicals without a UI#)                 PDF DOC

            CWM TRK 03 (Mixtures without a UI#)                    PDF DOC

            CWM TRK 05 (RAL solvent jerricans)                      PDF DOC

Guidelines for Particular Waste Streams


Mercury Compounds

Piranha Solution

Roger Adams Laboratory Solvent Program

Last Update: 5/28/2014