International Biohazard SymbolBiological Safety

>Institutional Biosafety Commitee (IBC)

About the IBC, registration requirements, forms, instructions, deadlines, and monthly meeting schedule.

>Biological Waste

Online pick-up request for full sharps disposal containers, information on handling and disposal of sharps, non-contaminated glassware, personal use needles and syringes, and treatment and disposal of biological materials.

>Biological Safety Related Training

Courses offered: Understanding Biosafety, Safe Handling of Human Cell Lines/Materials in a Research Laboratory, and Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens (for non-laboratory personnel).

>Biological Safety Cabinets

Information regarding selection and certification of biosafety cabinets.

>Autoclave Operation and Safety

How to operate an autoclave safely and effectively.

>Bloodborne Pathogens Program

The campuswide Exposure Control Plan, FAQs on Hepatitis B vaccination series, campus-related forms, and an overview of the program.

>Transport of Biological Materials

Training requirements, definitions, classification guide to infectious substances, intra-campus transportation, transport by personal or University vehicle, packaging unregulated biological material.

>Viral Vectors

Registration requirements, definitions, and information about the virus/viral vectors, practices and biosafety approaches.

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