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Biological Safety Section Staff

Section Head: Monica Miller
Phone Number: (217) 333-2755

E-mail Biological Safety Section: Email

Biological Safety Section personnel provide services and consultation in the areas of general biological safety in research labs, biological waste disposal including Sharps and pathological waste, biological safety cabinets, registration of research projects with the Biological Safety Committee, and occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens. Most questions can be directed to the section's general email, however you may contact any of the staff members listed below for assisstance.

Linda Arseneau Linda Arseneau
Senior Biological Safety Professional
Phone: (217) 244-1939

Shad Barker Shad Barker
Environmental Health & Safety Tech III
Phone: (217) 244-7606

Heather Craven Heather Craven
Environmental Health & Safety Tech I
Phone: (217) 244-1714

Tina McGill Tina McGill
Senior Project Specialist
Phone: (217) 244-2952

Michael Miles Michael Miles
Biological Safety Professional
Phone: (217) 244-7362

Monica Miller Monica Miller
Head, Biological Safety Section; Associate Director, Division of Research Safety
Phone: (217) 244-9585

Martha Schneerman Martha Schneerman
Biological Safety Professional
Phone: (217) 244-3688

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