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Safety Training

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Biological Safety

Safe Handling of Human Cell Lines/Materials in a Research Laboratory

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FOR All University researchers and laboratory staff who work with human cell lines and other human-origin materials. Employees must take the live version for their initial training. An online refresher version is available to meet the annual training requirement for employees who have already taken the initial live training course.

Choose your PI as the "Unit Head", if you are a PI choose yourself as the "Unit Head". This training provides information about regulations, an explanation of bloodborne diseases and how they are transmitted, procedures and equipment that prevent exposure, hazards and precautions for human cell culture work, Biosafety Level 2 requirements, and medical follow-up if exposure occurs.

Estimated Length
60 minutes
Every 12 months
Online training requires prior attendance of live training. Completing the online training will not fulfill your training requirement if you have not attended the live training.


Understanding Biosafety

Take Online Training
FOR Required training for University personnel who work at Biosafety Level 2, but applicable to all personnel working with biohazards or recombinant DNA.

This online training presents the basic concepts of biosafety, focusing primarily on planning safe experiments. Topics include: risk assessment, containment, biosafety levels, waste disposal, and emergency preparedness.

Estimated Length
30 minutes
Online training is REQUIRED prior to initiating work at Biosafety Level 2.