Division of Research Safety

A unit of the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Research

University of Illinois

Promoting a culture of safety through the implementation and oversight of comprehensive safety programs, building partnerships, and providing key services.


There are many regulations regarding the transport of hazardous materials/dangerous goods.

You can find information on those regulations here.


    State and federal rules about labeling hazardous waste containers have changed. The Division of Research Safety has developed container tags that satisfy the new rules.

    Instructions for using these waste tags are available at https://www.drs.illinois.edu/Waste/WasteTagRequirement.
    The tags are not required for excess, unused chemicals, because the manufacturer’s labels already meet the requirements.

    There are three ways to obtain the waste tags:
    (1) Pick up pre-printed tags in campus storerooms.
    (2) Download a fillable pdf version from the DRS web site
    (3) Request delivery through campus mail by emailing drs@illinois.edu.

      DRS has developed a video to walk through the process.

      To help the campus community become familiar with the interface used to initiate waste pickup requests, DRS has produced a video that walks through the process step by step. This will augment the written instructions that are available. The instructions and video are available here.