1.  I took the DRS training online. Do we need to print the certificate and add it to our Lab Safety Plan?

No, once you have taken the online training, your completion is recorded in our database.

2.  Tell me briefly what we need in our Laboratory Safety Plan?

Broken down very simply, you need: the Laboratory Safety Guide/Chemical Hygiene Plan, lab-specific safety information, SOPs, and training documentation.

3.  Do we need a printed copy of the Laboratory Safety Plan?
No, we have seen labs create an electronic Safety Plan by saving all of their documents in a lab accessible dropbox, shared computer folder, lab Wikipedia page, etc. However, we do recommend keeping a printed copy of all of the student’s signatures who have completed the lab specific training. 

4. Is my online DRS training enough? 
No, each lab will have specific training required for various hazards that were not mentioned specifically in the online training. SOPs can be created for these hazards and student’s training should be documented with a dated signature.  

5. Does my BL2 lab require annual training? 

        Yes, all BL2 labs must review training material annually and this annual review must be documented with a dated signature of the personnel.

     6. How often and when is the Lab Safety Guide/Chemical Hygiene Plan updated? 

The LSG/CHP is updated annually in the summer time. Therefore, we recommend looking for the updated LSG/CHP at the beginning of the fall semester or provide the following URL as part of the LSP: https://www.drs.illinois.edu/site-documents/LaboratorySafetyGuide.pdf.

      7.  Where can I find all of your templates?

Here they are:

Chemical Inventory Template

SOP Template

SOP Template for Chemical Experiments

Laser SOP Template

Training Checklist Template

    Last Updated: 6/27/2023