Waste Tag Requirement

  • Affix a DRS Waste Tag to every waste container used to collect spent waste (Jerricans, re-used solvent bottles, etc.). This also applies to solid waste streams.
  • Enter complete chemical names on the DRS Waste Tag. Abbreviations and chemical formulas are not permitted.
  • Attach the DRS Waste Tag to the waste containers before using them or when the first drop of waste is added to the container.
  • Unused or outdated chemicals in their original containers with labels identifying the contents do not need the DRS Waste Tag. If the label is faded or illegible, affix a new label to the bottle. Reattach labels that are coming loose.


  1. Fill out the front of the tag using Safety Data Sheets as a guide for the hazardous waste characteristics.
  2. Attach the waste label to the container with wire or tape. If you print your tag, you may tape it to the side of the container if space is sufficient.
  3. Once waste enters the container, a date must be written on the front side of the tag.
  4. Update contents of container as waste is added (even water).
  5. When full, indicate the final concentration of each constituent in the container on the back side of the tag.
  6. Submit the waste container for DRS pickup following the instructions found here.
  7. Attach DRS waste container barcode label to the front side of the tag. 


    1. Reagent bottles containing any amount of the original chemical do not need this tag.
    2. Jerricans approved to be used in the RAL Jerrican Pickup Program do not need this tag.

    Where You Can Get Tags:

    Waste tags have been distributed to the School of Chemical Sciences, Materials Research Laboratory, Life Sciences, and ECE storerooms. These tags are available at no cost.

    Additionally, you may print your own tags using this link. You may print a blank tag, or use the check boxes and text boxes to fill out the form before printing.

    You can adjust the size of the tag (based on the size of the waste container) using the “Custom Scale” option under the “Paper Size and Handling” menu in the Adobe Acrobat print dialog box. The full size printout is approximately 7”x 6”. Keep in mind that it may be difficult to write individual constituents if the tag is too small.

    Remember: this tag must be affixed to the waste container at all times. Printer paper will become stained or degraded if it comes in contact with chemical waste. It is therefore recommended that tags (rather than printouts) be used on containers to which small aliquots of waste are added over several weeks, or if spilling is likely.

    Note: Ballpoint pens and ultra-fine tipped Sharpie markers are recommended for writing on these tags. If you are concerned about the ink running, you may also use pencil, but be aware that pencil may smudge over time.

Last Updated: 7/10/2020