Authorization of Ionizing Radiation Sources

Possession and use of radiation-generating machines is permitted only pursuant to a Radiation Permit issued by the Division of Research Safety (DRS). Radiation-producing machines must be registered with the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA). DRS serves as the liaison with IEMA and will complete the registration for all machines on campus. Campus units are responsible for providing all required information and informing DRS of any changes in the equipment or installation. Campus units are also responsible for paying the annual registration fees associated with this requirement.

X-Ray Application Process

To apply for a X-Ray permit complete a X-ray Permit Application and submit to DRS. To register additional x-ray generating equipment, use the X-ray Registration Illinois Form.

DRS reviews the application and prepares the permit specifying locations and conditions for use of radiation-generating machines and obtains approval of the campus RSO and the RLSC Chair. By agreeing to the permit conditions, the applicant acknowledges their acceptance of the responsibilities associated with the permitted activities. The approved permit must be made available to all persons using radiation sources under its provisions. 

Before operations under the permit commence, DRS personnel may inspect the authorized locations to ensure the areas are effectively shielded and properly posted.


A permit holder can request amendments to their permit at any time by notifying DRS of the desired change in writing. 

Deactivating/Reactivating a Permit

If a radiation machine is inoperable, DRS should be contacted with the machine’s disposition. DRS will coordinate communications with IEMA to have the machine deregistered. 

A deactivated permit can be reactivated by contacting DRS. No additional signatures are required to reactivate a permit.

Training Requirements

Permit holders are responsible for ensuring that all users of radiation-producing machines on their permit are properly trained. All users are required to complete the DRS online training Analytical X-Ray Safety or Veterinary X-Ray Safety at intervals not to exceed 12 months. In addition, Permit Holders are responsible for providing specific training on their equipment and procedures. Training should include:

  • Health problems associated with exposure to ionizing radiation.
  • Lab-specific precautions or procedures to minimize exposure.
  • Purposes and functions of protective devices and survey meters employed.
  • The Permit conditions and requirements.
  • Worker’s responsibility to promptly report any condition that may lead to or cause a violation of the regulations or cause an unnecessary exposure.
  • Actions to take in the event of an emergency.
  • Radiation exposure reports that workers may request.
  • Review of safety features including interlocks, warning lights, and markings and procedures for their periodic checks.
  • Required documentation of operation logs. 

Records of this instruction must be maintained by the Permit Holder for audit by DRS personnel or for inspection by state regulatory personnel. 


X-Ray Safety Manual

Last Updated: 4/11/2024